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Pardot Marketing Automation with A.I.: Meet the real Einstein (Part-1 of 2)

Pardot Marketing Automation with A.I.: Meet the real Einstein (Part-1 of 2)

This April 11th we participated in Salesforce’s Toronto World tour.

I decided to get out of the office to make new Pardot connections and exchange with other Salesforce marketers and experts.

To tell you the truth, my expectations were low, as I thought it will be just one of these “Big” events aimed to show-off while serving mediocre content.

I was wrong.

If someone is questionning Salesforce’s intentions to the Canadian market – Salesforce sent a clear message: we’re serious.

Salesforce flew in their San-Francisco expert crews (Including Pardot and Marketing Cloud) to facilitate this World-Tour, which indeed was a lot bigger than last year.

My experience kicked-off with Mr. Matteo DiGiovanni in a 1.5 hours workshop for building Customer Journeys. Matteo was professional and accessible. Actually all the presenters were. One could stay and chat with them after the presentation was delivered.

Customer Journeys are definitely a hot subject in Marketing automation these days. Getting from one channel (typically email marketing automation) to multiple channel, omni channel, thriving to a 1-to-1 experience for every customer.

Another take away from this World Tour is the exciting new A.I. capabilities anounced for Pardot on the next Pardot Release.

The Pardot team wrote all about it in its official blog last week with the title: Einstein’s Theory of Buyer Intent.

This article (and Pardot Einstein) are trying to solve the following problem: What is a true indication of buyer intent? It debates if downloading a white-paper, opening 3 emails over the course of 30 days or even attending a trade show – can indicate they are bound to convert sooner than later.

Saleforce’s Kyra Johanson did a great job presenting what’s coming-up from Pardot Einstein this summer, which later resumed in the article.

I’ll be writing about the essentials of the new Pardot Einstein features on Part-2 of this article later on this week, but if you can’t wait, I recommend you read the article on Pardot Blog here.