Pardot B2BMA Implementation - Top 5 Power Dashboards
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Pardot B2BMA Implementation – Top 5 Power Marketing & Sales Analytics dashboards at your fingertips

Pardot B2BMA Implementation – Top 5 Power Marketing & Sales Analytics dashboards at your fingertips

Implementing B2BMA? You must have good reasons.

What is Pardot B2BMA?

B2BMA implementation grants you insight to each of the states in your Marketing and Sales funnel, helping you align and view both Sales and Marketing information in one executive dashboard.

Although Salesforce markets B2BMA as part of the Pardot suite, it is actually an app, part of the Einstein Artificial Intelligence apps installed and added to Salesforce, and not to Pardot.

If your Salesforce connector to Pardot is set up correctly – B2BMA makes use of this same connector in order to pull out data in real-time, both from Pardot and from Salesforce. It then uses this data to build meaningful dashboards.

Top 5 out-of-the-box B2BMA dashboards

B2BMA Dashboard #1: Engagement

B2BMA gives you 3-in-1 engagement charts which form this dashboard:


The forms engagement dashboard is everything you need to analyze your forms.

It has information on submission rates, conversion rates, visitor to prospect rates, and views.

Similarly, we have the B2BMA List Email Engagement chart with an overview of all engagements related to email, just as you’d expect from any specialized email sending software: total emails sent, open rate, CTR, unique clicks, bounce rate, opt outs, and undelivered messages.


Finally, we have the B2BMA Landing Page Enagagement chart:


This Pardot dashboard displays aggregated data from all your Pardot landing pages, this includes unique views, total submission rates, total submits, and total views.

B2BMA Dashboard #2: Multi-touch attribution

Every marketer has faced this problem – clients buy only after multiple interactions with your brand. How do we measure the ROI for each Marketing campaign?

In order to answer this quesiton, three attribution models exist: First touch, Last touch and distribution.

Are you measuring how effective a campaign is at generating qualified leads? Then take a look at the First-touch attribution.
Interested in knowing which campaigns close the most deals? Last touch attribution chart is your go-to model.
Wondering if there are ineffective campaigns to eliminate along the way? These will be absent from the Distribution  attribution model.

Having all this information on one dashboard is an amazing time-saver for decision makers.

In part-2 we’ll explore the remaining 3 Pardot B2BMA dashboards.