Pardot Services - Marketing Automation Montreal - Pardot Consulting Canada
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We create a pipeline of qualified
prospects and tell you when
they are ready to buy.

4 steps to create your qualified-leads machine

  • Pardot Business Analysis

    Business Analysis

    We start by analyzing what you have in place.
    We work together with your key performers to understand your marketing and sales processes - and your team's challenges.

    Deliverable: A map of what's currently available for your business and the gaps to reach your goals.

  • Pardot Project Planning

    Project Planning

    We recommend actions to improve your marketing and sales performance.
    Some actions are quick wins, and can be implemented today, but for the rest - a plan is required derived from your goals;

    Deliverable: An action plan which typically includes automation rules, CRM configuration, customer paths scenarios, and more. The plan involves marketing content editing and creation.

  • Pardot Implementation

    Solution Implementation

    We implement and configure the automation solution using Pardot:
    We set up advanced web tracking, program all client scenarios and lead nurturing, email flows and sales alerts, create forms with progressive profiling, create landing pages and connect everything to your CRM.

    Deliverable: A customized system that creates a pipeline of qualified prospects tailored to your business.

  • Pardot Optimization Reporting

    Reporting & Optimization

    Prospects start flowing and with them - invaluable marketing data.
    We analyze what campaigns work best (A/B tests) and create more.
    Real-time analytics track pipeline, revenue and ROI. We update Pardot to leverage insights and new products or services and adjust your marketing message.

    Deliverable: Incremental improvements, according to need and performance.