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What is Pardot?

Pardot is an automation tool built by Salesforce.
Pardot prequalifies prospects automatically and sends them to your CRM.

How does Pardot work?

How would you define a qualified lead?
In Pardot, leads must both show interest and correspond to a predefined buyer’s profile.
Pardot Lead Interest and lead profile
First, Pardot evaluates leads’ basic business data and assigns them a Grade;

Pardot Lead Grading

Then, Pardot records all leads’ interactions with your marketing content.
For each action the Lead gets points which add up to his Score.

Pardot Lead Scoring
Example for actions that can increase score: Page visit, email open, catalog download, video view etc.
Example for actions that can decrease score: opt-out from email list, not opened consecutive emails sent, etc.

When Pardot finds a match – it sends it further down the sales funnel!

Lead Grading - Lead Scoring - Qualified Leads

Pardot Benefits

When your company uses Pardot, your busy sales professionals:

  • Get only qualified leads;
  • Get real-time visibility into prospects’ online activity;
  • Know when it’s time to pick-up the phone and close the deal.

Getting started with Pardot

Want to know more about Pardot?