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Considering learning Pardot? Read this success story.

Considering learning Pardot? Read this success story.

So you are thinking about discovering Pardot, huh?
Read Morgan Wiedmann‘s story. Morgan went through everything in 2018, and eventually got her story posted on Pardot.com’s website!

The beginning of Morgan’s Pardot adventure:

I began working for my company, Weichert Labor force Mobility, in January 2018. About two months into my brand-new role, Pardot was introduced to our business. Although my company had been a Salesforce consumer for over 10 years, they waited to carry out the magic of Pardot’s platform till they hired the best talent.

In March 2018, we had our first Pardot training session. I thought to myself, this does not appear too tough to learn. I came from my previous job with a year’s worth of experience utilizing Salesforce, so I figured I would be up to the challenge.

As the training started, I realized Pardot was an extremely effective option and I quickly set out to determine how to get the most out of the Pardot platform.

More Practically …

As a Millennial who understands how to find answers quickly and at the click of a button, I investigated by checking out blogs, googling “how-to” information, and connecting to the Trailblazer’s Community.

I need to say, the community is amazing and I usually have all of my questions answered within minutes. If you have any concerns, I highly advise reaching out and following the feeds to gain from fellow Trailblazers!


Upon going back to work, the first thing I advised to my manager was to update our Pardot plan and implement B2B Marketing Analytics, thanks to what I learned from my Pardot Genius Bar gurus!

Now, 8 months into Pardot, we have actually upgraded our platform and I have built my very first Engagement Studio program with five month’s worth of interaction! I have moved onto tackling the more innovative functions within B2B Marketing Analytics. And none of this would have been possible without the understanding and self-confidence I gained from Dreamforce.

I am still discovering every day, which is an actually amazing feeling. I often state I miss out on remaining in school and discovering brand-new things, so I’m grateful for the learning chances Pardot, the market and my company supplies.

Check out Morgan’s complete story on the original Pardot website: here.