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What is Pardot for Lightning?

What is Pardot for Lightning?

Salesforce doesn’t miss an opportunity to talk about its competitive advantage – aligning, as much as possible, marketing and sales. That’s the reason they invested in Pardot a few years ago, and that is also the objective of Pardot for Lightning – getting us one step closer to achieving this single-platform vision.

Now, if youre organization still haven’t migrated to Lightning, you might want to start going in that direction, as you’ll gain in productivity and it’ll also be a great opportunity for database cleanup.

The big news about Pardot for Lightning

Pardot before lightning…

In order to appreciate Pardot for Lightning one has to understand what was the situation before. What has been available until now for the Salesforce users is integration via an iframe – meaning it’s a ‘peak into Pardot’. This implementation was a duct-tape fix to allow Salesforce users access Pardot. While many users complained about the ‘bug’ – getting back to the Pardot dashboard upon page refresh – this is nothing more than a natural, expected, web behavior – the iframe element is simply reloaded, and there is nothing to do about it.

Pardot in the Lightning era

The new Pardot within Salesforce experience changes all the above.

Pardot (even in Beta) is finally natively integrated in the lightning experience via its App.

Significant elements that received a face-lift:

– Navigation bar tabs: Pardot sections, such as ‘Pardot Campagins’ , ‘Automations’ and ‘Reports’ now appear on the top (exactly like Salesforce objects)

– Left Sidebar (and this is a big one) – consolidation of all records representing a person in Salesforce and in Pardot – into one interface: Visitors, Prospects, Leads and Contacts.

– Under the Campaign tab – show all associated marketing assets (Marketing links, marketing forms, and landing pages).

Marketing Asset Reporting: a new report available.

There are other enhancements and one can expect to see more Pardot features seamlessly integrated to lightning.

If you don’t have Pardot licence or don’t hesitate if to install, watch the video below, by Salesforce Ben and The Drip to get an idea: