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Pardot for Financial Services

Pardot for Financial Services

Why does Pardot work for financial services?

It’s not a secret – more and more banks and financial institutions have adopted and implemented Salesforce and now they look to implement Pardot.

We have seen this “adopt-Pardot” phenomenon in our financial network of Pardot referrals in Canada, US, France and Israel.

The question is: Why?

What do banks have to gain from implementing a marketing automation solution like Pardot?

As Pardot service providers, this makes a lot of sense to us – as stated on the Pardot website:

If we had to put it in our own words: We’d aim for the most important aspect of Pardot marketing automation: Nurturing.

Whether it’s Lead Nurturing or nurturing existing clients – the idea is the same – this practice allows you to create and maintain contact with your customers, by providing them value according to their interests.

In order to to know their interests Pardot tracks what they do online on the website, social media interactions and email opens and clicks. The benefit is huge: With Pardot we’re able to tailor a unique client journey to each client!

Gone are the days when you subscribe to a mailing list to discover that 80% of the content is irrelevant to you… It’s hard (not to say impossible) to create an informative email relevant to hundreds or thousands of customers – each with his/her unique needs.

The official Pardot website lists the advantages one can expect when using Pardot:

1. Pardot helps you connect with your customers.

2. Pardot helps you engage your audience.

3. Pardot helps you understand your marketing impact.

You can read more on using Pardot for financial services on the original Pardot article here.