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Marketing Automation mistakes to avoid – Part 1

Marketing Automation mistakes to avoid – Part 1

When one gets a new marketing automation platform one might feel like they won the lottery (or at least the lottery of time). The expectations with regard to saving time on repetitive tasks are high, but it is nowhere close to winning the lottery.

No matter the Marketing Automation Software you use – Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua or other –  there are basic rules to follow, and like any other system, if you don’t use it correctly – you might just cause more damage than benefit to your organization.

Inspired by this humorous video from emarketeer, we have assembled a few marketing automation mistakes to avoid:

  1. Sending out too much content

Just because you can send out content whenever you want, doesn’t mean you should.

Before planning any campaigns – think strategically. Will my clients be happy or annoyed to get this content? If the response is the latter – avoid.

Instead, put yourself in your clients’ shoes while using your expertise to determine which content or information your prospects or clients need to get next.

  1. Bad timing

Even If your content is relevant and interesting – it must be sent at the right time. Sending it too early in the decision-making process means it will be discarded, which in turn will be interpreted as lack of interest by the marketing automation system.

  1. Not testing the right things before widely sending out

There are two levels of testing: technical – to see that the email templates are displayed correctly on any device – and behavioural – to see reactions to certain content.

While most marketers will be rigorous enough to make the visual tests – a great advice would be to test new content on a small group of receivers and monitor their reactions. Remember, just because you worked hard on great content – it doesn’t mean it will be widely received by your customers.

We will be publishing more tips on mistakes to avoid and a link to the video next week, so make sure to come back !