Case Study: Demandbase and Pardot Increased Engagement by 25% - Marketing Automation Montreal - Pardot Consulting Canada
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Case Study: Demandbase and Pardot Increased Engagement by 25%

Case Study: Demandbase and Pardot Increased Engagement by 25%

Apart from the seamless integration to Salesforce, Pardot have many other integrations possible.

Pardot and Demandbase announced a product partnership in the fall of 2018 with the objective to create better engagement leveraging Marketing Automation, CRM adn ABM (Account-Based-Marketing).

So looking forward to the ABM summit coming up March 14-15 in San-Francisco, Pardot’s official website posted about this new partnership.

The clear challenge this integration tries to overcome is keeping their email audience engaged over time.

The idea is to use Real-Time Intent data in email offers.

As said on Pardot’s website:

In this case-study, a campaign was launched by the marketing team in 4 steps:

  • STEP 1: Create two audiences of target accounts based upon their Real-Time Intent
  • STEP 2: Save the two Audiences to Salesforce Pardot to create lists of actionable Prospects
  • STEP 3: Filter the lists by business needs
  • STEP 4: Execute re-engagement campaign in Engagement Studio & measure results

By using segmenting, Dynamic List Rules, Engagement Studio, email flows and other Pardot native features to capture real-time action, the team has seen 25% better re-engagement rate.  

Another result was growth of the engaged email audience at target accounts by 14%, this indeed is significant for a re-engagement campaign.

The gain in time was also considerable – resulting in 3.5x less time than attempting to manually process and use the Real-Time Intent data by mapping it from Demandbase to Salesforce to Pardot.  

According to the site

If you’re running 5 email campaigns a week using intent, that’s a time savings of over 9 hrs a week in segmentation alone.

But Demandbase promises more than that.

Read the full article here.